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Winch Out & Rollback Service

This is a picture of a winch out and rollback service.

Here at Garland Towing Service, we pride ourselves in being able to provide any and all services that can be somehow related to towing. In this literally, anything that you may need if you are caught in a difficult situation while out on the open road. For that, we have equipped ourselves with some of the most powerful trucks on the planet today. These trucks can help even some of the heaviest equipment be pulled out of tough places. The reason why we equip our trucks with gadgets to be able to perform winch outs is that not every vehicle or object will always be in the perfect position to hook it up to the truck and tow it away. We will also cover the main differences between a Rollback service and a flatbed tow truck!

Heavy Duty Winch-Outs

Heavy-duty trucks and machinery because of the simple fact that they are so heavy can sometimes lose a lot of maneuverability and stability compared to other lighter vehicles. This can cause them to lose control and go off the road or in construction sites, for example, get stuck in muddy surfaces. To help them out we bring in a truck and winch them out of their predicament. This can also be done to set a car up in position to then be lifted on to one of our tow trucks.

Lightweight Winch Outs

If you had the marvelous idea of trying to go offroad in your normal car or pick up and get stuck somewhere we can also come bail you out. This actually is an issue that we get quite a lot in the rural areas surrounding Garland. This can also come as a result of heavy rains or other factors that may have your car in a bit of pickle. In the best case scenario once we get cars back on the right track they can continue on their way.

Rollback Service Wrecks

Rollback services are really similar to flatbed towing. One of the major differences is that flatbeds stay flat while rollbacks can well, roll back to pick-up a vehicle. Since in flatbed tow trucks cars need to be loaded either on their own power or with a little help but using their own wheels this limits the type of recovery services a flatbed tow truck can perform. Rollback services are usually needed in the event of a wreck if one or more of the vehicles have no way to use their tire system to get up the ramp.

Rollback Services Antique Cars

A lot of people who own antique cars prefer rollback services to flatbeds as well. For one a lot of the rollback service trucks take your car in an enclosed environment. While flatbeds take it out in the open. One of the other benefits is not having to risk moving up the ramp. Either being pushed or pulled since tires are usually an asset of the car that collectors don’t take for granted.

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