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This is a picture of a garland towing services.

As the 24-hour towing garland residents trust you can bet that most of our time is spent in heading to roads or homes around the area picking up and loading cars on our trucks and transporting them to where they need to be. This is not, however, the only service that we offer. Unlike many other towing services in the area, we have vehicles constantly monitoring the roads to seek out anyone who may need help. That is why our 24 Hour Roadside Assistance service crew seems to appear out of the blue when you need them the most. Our main advantage though over some of our top competitors though lies within our drivers!

When you book any type of service from Garland Towing Service we know that you expect the best. That is why we hired the top towing talent in the area and make sure that they constantly get a chance to update their skills and knowledge to stay on top of all of the legal and security requirements that are set. We can tow anything from average cars to trucks and heavy duty equipment. Our line-up of work trucks is equipped with all of the necessary gadgets to take on all of the challenges that the road has set out for us. Our main services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Garland Towing Service
  • Tow Truck Service
  • Full Wrecker Service
  • Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service
  • Winch Out & Rollback Service
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
Garland, TX